Method of payment

You can pay for your dental services by cash, debit card, cheque or with a credit card (Visa/MasterCard).

Tax credits

Dental health care are eligible in terms of medical fees and you can take advantage of tax credits in terms of your medical fees and your income. These tax credit can represent 20 to 35% of your treatment plan costs in accordance with your total annual revenue. Please refer to the following brochure for more information.


Your dental insurance forms are sent electronically (over the Internet). In most cases, the amount of your coverage is available immediately. All you have to pay is the deductible and the non-insured portion. If the electronical transmission is not supported by you insurance company or that we do not obtain a response from them the day of your appointment, you will have to pay the total of your treatment invoice and the reimbursement will be sent directly to you.

Insurance forms that cannot be sent electronically are completed and sent to your insurance company. You will have to pay the total fees owing to the dentist and receive your reimbursement at home. Treatment plans and predetermination estimates are also prepared and sent to your insurance company free of charge.

We would also like to mention that insurance coverage varies according to the agreement signed between the insurance company and your employer. It is illegal to overcharge your insurance or not to claim the balance from you. It is therefore crucial that you find out what your coverage is and your annual maximum entitlement.

Financing plans (Accord D Desjardins)

It is possible to apply for dental care financing with the Accord D Desjardins financing program offered by Desjardins. Invest in your smile as of today! After all, it is your health and self-image!

To obtain financing, no need to travel – Our dental office will take all necessary action and administrative work for you. The application approval is quick and efficient and Accord D Desjardins offer a simple, flexible (open loan) and practical financing plan.

For more information, please do not hesitate to communicate with us at 819-776-6220.