Dr. Sara Moustafa


Dr Moustafa has been practicing dentistry since 2007. She is licensed in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and in Canada. She currently practices in Quebec and Ontario. Dr Moustafa offers a broad variety of dental services such as general dentistry and aesthetics, extraction of wisdom teeth, root canal treatment, crowns, bridges and dental implants. She distinguishes herself with her interest towards surgeries. Multilingual, she’ll know how to provide personalized and high quality patient care services.

Stephan Dupont


Stephan Dupont has been practicing denturism in the Outaouais region for over 30 years. After multiple years of making conventional dentures, he has completed numerous courses, some of which were taken in the United States to develop an expertise in the making of dentures on implants.

Consequently, today, about half of his work is axed on the fabrication of dentures on implants. Whether it’s for a denture on an integrated bar or on locators, he can offer patients a durable solution in function of their oral health, their needs, as well as their budget.

The clientele satisfaction has always been at the heart of his practice. Whether it’s the client approach, the professional workmanship or the attention to detail for esthetics, he always ensures that the experience for the patient is the most positive.

It is a pleasure for him to offer a free consultation to all patients who require services in conventional dentures or implant supported dentures.

Stephan Dupont is a member of:

  • Ordre des denturologistes du Québec
  • Association des denturologistes du Québec
  • Association des denturologistes du Québec
  • Dental Study Club
  • and Active member of the Study Circle of Dr. Robert Bouclin

Julie Cloutier

After a career in the private medical field for more than 25 years, she joined the clinic in 2012. Julie brings her background of operational experience. With boundless energy, she oversaw the renovation of the clinic, the development of the new corporate image and the opening of the dental section to expand the range of services offered. She is responsible for the proper functioning of the clinic.

Her motto, live the present moment and look forward.

Andrée-Michelle Reeves

Assistante Administrative

Andrée-Michelle has been part of our dynamic team since June 2016. Bilingual and always in a good mood, she loves working with the public. Customer service has always been dear to her heart, therefore she is dedicated to providing her best to offer premium quality service to each and every one of our patients.

Stéphanie Demers

Dental Assistant

Stephanie graduated in 2007 as a Dental Assistant. She brings to the clinic her experience, knowledge and of course, her beautiful personality. You’ll always find her smiling and caring for all of our patients. She loves her profession and it is contagious for the people who surround her. We are very happy to count her among us.