Complete denture on implants

Today, patients can opt for various different kinds of implant supported dentures. Each of these treatment plan have their own advantages.

Dentures on integrated bar

Due to its size, this type of denture takes up little space in one’s mouth compared to other dentures. You will not feel any pain whatsoever while chewing on hard foods since this denture is no longer supported directly on your gums. The denture is screwed into the dental implants, the holes are then covered. You can then brush your teeth as if they were your own natural teeth. Only the dentist can remove your denture.


Removable dentures on bar

The removable dentures on bar gives about the same stability than the denture on integrated bar, but at a lower cost. It also comes off easily for cleaning. Another advantage of this type of denture is that there is no need for adjustment or change of nylons, therefore a very low maintenance is required.


Removable dentures on balls or on locators

A removable denture on balls or on locators is a good compromise between the conventional unstable dentures and the dentures on integrated bar, which are more expensive.

The spherical attachments permit the patients to remove their denture with ease in order to clean it as you would with a conventional denture. This type of denture is supported by 3 to 5 implants, depending on the treatment plan. However, the retention nylons need to be replaced every 12 to 18 months.