Soft base

Mainly used for lower denture, for people with thin gum tissue, the soft base is essentially a cushion within the denture. Since it is more porous, the soft base adheres better to your gums, it improves the in-mouth stability and doesn’t irritate much of your mucous membranes.



If your denture has become too big after only a few years of use, a reline can be the solution. This process consist in filling the gap that has been created between your gums and your denture by adding acrylic. Your denture will renew/restore/recover its integrity and stability, which will prevent food entering below. This process can only be done to dentures with minimum wear and tear.



We offer a same day repair services. We simply ask you to call our office ahead of time at 819-776-6220 to book an appointment, then drop off your denture and we call you as soon as it is ready.