The term ‘’wisdom teeth’’ refers to the third molar in humans. They are the last teeth to develop. In general, most people have 4 but certain people can have less or none at all. Wisdom teeth usually erupt near the end of adolescent years and the formation of the roots comes in the twenties. Most people do not have sufficient space in their mouth to allow them to grow properly.

If the start of their eruption is late, they might be impacted-teeth, which means they cease to grow.

This can cause problems, some of which are:

  • Infections
  • Caries
  • Pain
  • Inflammation to the gums in surrounding area
  • The development of cysts or benign tumors
  • Difficult dental hygiene

When the wisdom teeth are removed in adolescent years or beginning of the twenties, the healing is more favorable and with fewer complications. This is why it’s always better to evaluate the situation and to intervene at that moment.


Wisdom teeth