What are dental implants?


We can compare a dental implant to the root of a tooth, natural teeth are anchored in the jaw bone. The implant acts like the root of the tooth, it is made of titanium alloy which is extremely biocompatible.  It is so much biocompatible that the bone surrounding the implants will instinctively act as if the implant is a natural tooth. The bone will form itself around the implant therefore making it very solid. This is an amazing phenomenon, as something that is artificial can look so natural. Furthermore, given that it is artificial there are no possibilities of getting cavities or any other inconveniences that comes with having naturel teeth.

Are dental implants a new technique in the dental industry?

Implantology practice has been in existence for over 30 years. At this very moment the success rate of an implant intervention is at 95%.

Am I too old to get implants?

Your overall health plays a big part in the decision before proceeding to an implant treatment and is in fact one of the first things looked at before any possibility of implants. Many patients over the age of 75 have been treated with implants and many have shared their life changing stories.  The ability to articulate and to be able to enjoy the simple things in life that we often take for granted can become a reality once again for our patients. As of today, we have had one of our patient that has decided on getting implants at the age of 85 years old. So as you can see there is no age limit for implants.

Is there a need for multiple implants?

Depending on the structure and configuration of the jaw, which can play a big roll on the selection of type, size and number of implants needed for the treatment. The dental surgeon will make his assessment, then his recommendations of the length, diameter and number of implants needed for the treatment. The dental surgeons transmits all these important factors to the denturist and they both work together to make your experience memorable.

Is having implants painful?

This questions is most of our patient’s main concern. Please be assured that during the procedure we insure your overall comfort. The specialists insures that you are properly numb for the procedure. You will be given instructions to better prepare you for any sensitivity you may experience. Many of our patients are surprised and feel relieved to see that their procedure went better than they expected. We have plenty of patients that would be more than happy to share their experiences with you in order to put your mind at ease as well.

Why opt for implant supported denture?

Wearing a complete denture for several years causes many changes in oral tissues.  The most important is the bone resorption of the jaw which is what causes receded gum tissue. The progression of this phenomenon instills instability of the denture, difficulty masticating and speech impediment. In time, these changes can cause the lower part of the face or lips to sag. Furthermore conventional dentures for a patient who no longer has any remaining teeth uses around 10% to 30% of masticatory strength.


The implant supported denture will give you the stability and appearance of having natural teeth and will stop the degenerating process of bone resorption. It contributes to preserving the jaw bone thanks to the simulation of bone and masticatory function.