At the Clinique de santé dentaire St-Joseph de Gatineau, we sincerely believe that prevention is the key to maintaining good oral health. That’s why our dentist, Dr. Moustafa, and her team work hand in hand to offer you a range of preventive treatments to meet all your dental care needs.

Prevention for your dental health

Painful, missing or deformed teeth can quickly affect your quality of life, because these problems affect the way you talk, eat and act with people. By visiting your dentist regularly, it becomes easy to detect and prevent oral problems from developing or worsening.


Regular dental examinations are still the best method of prevention. In addition to thorough cleaning of your teeth, these examinations are used to advise you on your dental hygiene routine and to detect many oral health problems, such as cavities, gingivitis and cancer.


A mouth guard is an essential accessory for all contact sports (football, rugby, hockey, roller derby and so on) or any activity that presents an increased risk of falls. It is tempting to want to turn to these mouth guards that simply boil so that they adapt to the shape of the teeth. However, nothing beats a mouth guard specially designed for you by your dentist’s team, because that’s the best way to ensure optimal protection.


Bruxism is these involuntary contractions of the jaw muscles. This phenomenon occurs mostly at night. Anyone can exhibit such behaviour at one time or another. However, it is when it becomes frequent, even daily, that it can become problematic, compromising the integrity of the teeth and jaw.


Dental sealant is a technique of applying a sealing agent to fill the pits and cracks in teeth. This treatment is generally recommended as a cavity prevention aid for people at risk of developing cavities.

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