At the St-Joseph Dental Health clinic in Gatineau, our dentist, Dr. Moustafa, does everything in her power to allow you to enjoy excellent oral health. Our multidisciplinary team is there for you, listening to your needs. We work upstream as well as downstream in both prevention and emergency response. Our dentist can also perform root canal treatment or dental surgeries. And if finding a bright white smile is your goal, take a look at our cosmetic dentistry treatments.


In terms of general dentistry, Dr. Moustafa can offer several solutions and treatment. Whether you practice a contact sport or need a routine appointment, our preventive care can certainly help you! Our staff will be pleased to offer you a complete dental cleaning, in addition to advising you to optimize your dental hygiene routine.


Is one of your teeth very painful? You may have a cavity or fracture. In either case, root canal treatment is sometimes appropriate.


Your wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to grow or they grow crooked? Dr. Moustafa can extract them for you!

Looking to replace your natural teeth? Dental implant surgery is the solution! Want to learn more? Discover these different types of dental surgeries!


At the St-Joseph Dental Health clinic, we offer a wide range of services to restore your smile to its former glory. So you can bite into life with beautiful teeth, without feeling embarrassed by a damaged, discolored, missing or distorted tooth. We even offer solutions to fill a gap between two teeth.


Sudden pain? A bad fall on one of your teeth? Don’t panic! For any dental emergency, contact us!